As a lead product range, Cardivation is managed by key CNS people in the UK and Sweden who work as a close team to develop and deploy multinational technology projects.


Ben Jordan
Ben JordanManaging Director
Ben is responsible for overseeing the development and application of CNS technology throughout Europe.

He held senior positions with Exxon Mobil and BNP Paribas before joining DCC in 2005. He oversaw five acquisitions, growing its fuel card business by over 250% in seven years. A qualified chemist, Ben is passionate about innovation and is renowned for delivering high value mission-critical products.

Ben enjoys travel, walking in the countryside and has been an active skier since the age of four.


Niklas Stenson
Niklas StensonManaging Director
Niklas is responsible for bringing together customers, developers and engineers in the creation of innovative technology solutions.

He has a technology background and joined CNS over 15 years ago, originally working in network engineering. Passionate about the way that IT solutions can help customers’ businesses, his broad experience also encompasses operational and sales responsibilities.

Niklas enjoys camping with his family and working out.

Mikael Stenson
Mikael StensonDevelopment Manager
Mikael has responsibility for the developers working within CNS and is deeply involved with all of the business’s innovations and development projects.

His background is technical, having originally joined the company as a software developer almost twenty years ago. With a great interest in programming, he has been involved in the development of most CNS products.

Mikael enjoys spending his leisure time in karate training.

Jonathan Wahlström
Jonathan WahlströmLead developer
Jonathan is Cardivation’s lead developer. He has been responsible for the development and system architecture since its inception, having a deep technical understanding that informs solutions-based thinking.

He has an MSc. in Media Technology. During his six years with CNS he has been involved in a number of software-as-a-service developments for the unmanned filling station market in Sweden.

He leads a busy family life, having three young children, and even enjoys looking after the housework.


Innovative technology company turns convention upside down.


Entrepreneurial inventiveness with solid backing.


An experienced team with diverse skills.


PCI compliant level 3 VAT data without affecting legacy systems.


Cardivation Activated services add intelligence to any payment cards.

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