Pressbyrån, the Swedish convenience retailer, is using Cardivation technology to create a frictionless shopping experience. The new technology is a card innovation deployed in collaboration with Swedbank, one of Europe´s major banks. Cardivation does away with paper receipts, provides new customer insights, automates loyalty and speeds up transactions.

CNS developed a new way to automatically and securely link transactions to the card or mobile phone that makes the payment. Now that Swedbank has concluded the integration of Cardivation into their platform for acquiring transactions from merchants, merchants can link any bank card to any loyalty programme and offer Digital Receipts, Customer Insights, Card-free Loyalty and automated rewards.

Cardivation is powerful but it is also quick and simple to deploy. All it took was a relatively small overnight software update to Pressbyrån’s PIN entry devices. Swedbank did this centrally and there was no disruption to the retailer’s existing computer systems or sales. Pressbyrån could immediately view exactly what each bank card bought without seeing any personal or financial data, which is ingeniously protected.

Customers can add intelligent features to existing bank cards. All they need is a one-time registration of their cards in Cardivation’s central phonebook. After that, customers just pay and walk away. Enabled payment cards are recognised by the system that automatically captures loyalty points for every transaction without customers doing anything. Digital receipts are stored for up to seven years and customers can receive receipts and their loyalty statement by email as they leave the store.

Cardivation has given Pressbyrån all kinds of new customer insights that enhance its competitiveness. The marketing department knows more about customer buying behaviour than ever before and the new insights are also a valuable tool for negotiating with suppliers and banks. Customers who buy certain products or use certain bank cards can be individually and intelligently targeted with communication, offers and rewards. Intelligence is power.

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