Cardivation won the award for ‘Best Innovation in Engagement & Loyalty’ at the 2016 Engagement & Loyalty Awards ahead of Corethree, Hive, Mobilize, Points, SPAR UK & i-movo Limited. CNS EUROPE AB is the innovative financial technology company that developed Cardivation, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that links any payment card to any loyalty scheme without separate loyalty cards and gives merchants loyalty data that was not easily available before.

Ben Jordan, CNS managing director was at the award ceremony in London to receive the award. He had this to say: “We were up against some big companies so I was delighted when the judges praised the simplicity of our innovation and said their decision was unanimous even before they were halfway through reading our submission.”

After successful deployment and two prestigious awards, Cardivation, technology that offers anonymous purchasing data to merchants for every individual payment card used in any outlet, without first being linked to loyalty, is catching the interest of forward-thinkers in the payments industry.

When asked why he thought Cardivation had won both an Engagement & Loyalty Award and an MPE Award in three months, Jordan said: “Together the two awards sum up Cardivation. It is both innovative in the way it extracts payments data and the way it makes actionable data available for customer engagement and loyalty.

Learning about bankcard customers used to be complicated and expensive. Cardivation changes that because it complies with data protection laws and it can be implemented without disrupting existing merchant or retailer computer systems. This significantly reduces barriers that stopping banks and retail merchants from adopting more invasive systems. CNS is working with a major European bank to activate Cardivation at its top-tier retail clients who will be reassured by Cardivation’s two awards.

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